What are the boys into in girls?

You girls or even guys are wondering what the one direction boys are into in girls.Well I bought a magzenie a while back that told me what the boys see in girls and I'm here to tell you!. The word that are in (   These   )  Are me talking adding a commet 


                                                                                                                          ~ Novalee

What does Niall see in a girl?

Some one who is open and direct,sweet and emotinal--- not unlike him  (UGH why do i have to be the more type of girl niall likes asnd not harry or zayn  or even liam I still love u Niall) 

Niall says he's emotinal guy so he dosn't have to worry about a girl trying to get him to open up 

celeb crush: Demi Lovato

What does Zayn see in a girl?

He say's he likes girls who are quiet itha great smile (ughhhh why do i get complmented on my eyes and not my smile )

He says he like people whoare welling to take risk   you need to take resk to find love...obviously having to split up is difficult...I do gt quite emotional acttaly. I'm a bit of a softie (AWWW my zayn)


What does harry see in a girl

Harry says I don't have a type becasue with some grirls i mite not find them attractive immediantly but then i do like them becasue of there personality is so attractive (omg hes so cute !!!! <3) I like someone who can get on with my parents to (basicly meaning get along with them) it's important that my parents like her to 

celec crush:Kate Winslet, Angline Jolie, (Really harry her :0 u like angline jolie) or Kate Moss


(I wish i was 19 :( I luff harry's personality) 


What does Liam like in a girl?

Liam likes some one who is cheeky but quite to...a bit shy as well He says I dont like really loud girls (I'm not loud liam im shy and cheeky I'm shy to but once i get to know u i'll talk alot )

Celebn crush: Leona Lewis



What does  Louis see in a girl?

Niall says he's a bit old fashion. He likes the idea of going to cinema and then an italian restrant...(So romantce and so me! I love italian food) 

Of course he wants some one who is somewhat old fashion like he is.

Celec crush:Cheryl cole.